Hello, I'm Mike Bartholdy, the founder of Mountain Mike's Reproductions Co. I have done many European mounts made by boiling and bleaching, a process reminisant of a witch cooking in an old black cauldron. The hours of steam and the smell waking your neighbors for miles around. Couple this with the increasing awareness of CWD and regulations on transporting deer skulls to curb its spread. I decided there must be a better way.
The Goal = Exact Reproduction Deer Skull Kits In my small shop, I started out to make exact reproduction deer skulls kits that could be easily used and be universal for all deer antler mounting needs.
Injection Molded Skull Antler Mounting Kits. The only way I could make this work was to build freeform molds. This type had never been done before. Scanning a freeform object and converting the data to CNC readable information, which had unpredictable mold parting lines, was a new and daunting task.
Mountain Mike's Reproductions Co. Magazine Recognition. The mold making industry took note of our work.
Recognition in the Industry. With finally a new option for antler mounting kits, Cabela's and Gander Mountain show support. Even at the crude prototype stage, we began educating the major retailers of our work and what to expect in the near future. As a great show of interest and belief, both companies signed into vendor agreements well before our molds would be able to go into production.
Outdoor Celebrities Show Their Interest.  Being and avid hunter and outdoorsman, I sought feedback from people I greatly respect in the industry while developing our first products. Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo of Archer's Choice Media have been, and continue to be a great help. We hit it off well from our first phone call and have become close friends. At the same time, Michael Waddell was beginning his Bone Collector Brand and thought our new skulls would be a great start.
Mountain Mike's Reproductions Becoming a Success.  Well, it took three years of reserch and developement, along with every penny my wife and I could find, but we brought our first products to the Outdoor Industry. With our early success major retailers began requesting other products from us and in other categories, such as Home Decor, ATV Accessories and Hunting Accessories.
Thanks for checking out our website! My wife, Teri and I truly appreciate your support.