Hey everyone, here’s an awesome mount of a great whitetail sent to us by customer Grady Green. Congrats on a great buck, and thanks for using our products, Grady!

euro mount deer
Grady Green’s Skull Master mount wins best mount contest for June, 2018.
axis deer european mount kit

We get occasional emails asking if Mountain Mike’s has a euro mount kit for axis deer… well, here’s your answer! This awesome skull mount is on a Mountain Mike’s Record Keeper deer skull! Though modeled after whitetail deer, mule deer, and blacktail deer, this skull kit works great for axis deer too! If you want to do an axis deer euro mount, buy one of our Skull Master or Record Keeper kits today! (more…)

european skull mount contest entry - Dan Ainslie antler color factors - mule deer rubbing his rack

Lets talk about one of our favorite subjects: deer antlers!  More specifically, deer antler color and coloring deer antlers! First, some deer antler basics: deer antlers are true bone and are composed of calcium and phosphorus. The rate of growth per day of 1/4-1/2″ make antlers the fastest new cell growth known to man.

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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation - big bugling elk
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation began in 1984 when 4 hunters from Montana sought to ensure the future of elk and elk habitat.

We just wanted to extend our appreciation to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for what they do! What an amazing organization that’s making an incredible difference with elk and their habitat throughout the United States! We’re passionate elk hunters here at Mountain Mike’s, and we talk to a lot of successful elk hunters that use our european skull mount kits for elk, and they tell us time and time again what a positive difference the RMEF is making for elk. Do yourself a favor and join the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation!