Many people might think that there are few options in European skull hanger products available. Traditional methods display the euro mount nose-down, at a 90 degree angle to the floor, displaying just the top of the skull and a top view of the antlers. This typically just requires a simple nail on the wall or a wire loop screwed in the skull and hung over a screw or nail. But did you know there are lots of better options available if you want to hang your European mount on a wall? I’m going to review 8 ideal features to look for in a European mount hanger, and I’ll recommend a few products that fit these features.

  1. Safe & Secure
    No matter what method you choose for your European skull hanger, it should keep the mount safe and secure. Any hanger that makes it easy to knock your prized mount off the wall is not good. Real skull mounts are fragile, so it’s important to choose a euro mount hanger that makes it difficult for your trophy to fall and break.
  2. european mount hanger bracket
    A quality european skull hanger bracket will keep your mount safe, have a low profile, be adjustable, and is affordable!

    Modern European skull hangers are adjustable and can display your mount at a variety of angles so you can choose the best look for your particular euro mount. An adjustable hanger typically involves either a hinge joint or a ball and socket joint. There will be some sort of set screw to secure your chosen angle. Hinge joints will typically just be adjustable in one plane, usually up and down. Some are side to side. Ball and socket joint hangers will give you a wide range of pitch and tilt adjustment angles.

  3. Affordable
    The best European skull hanger products are simple designs that should work great and not break the bank! You can find highly decorative hangers made of heavy metal that will cost more than the mount itself, but a quality hanger boasting the best features is going to be economical. Look for the best hangers to be priced around $12 to $40, depending on the size skull it accommodates.
  4. Incognito (low profile)
    The emphasis should be on the skull and/or antlers so a nice European skull mount bracket is going to be hard to see. It’s kinda cool to have your euro mount look like it’s floating off the wall! The best diy European mount hangers are simple in design and hide well. They shouldn’t be bulky and distracting. Ideally they blend right in. Look for primed metal that can easily be painted to match your wall.
  5. Durable
    Look for well made parts that aren’t going to wear out. If you have an adjustable hanger, the set screw should stay set! Cheaply made materials and designs won’t hold up with a heavy set of antlers and skull hanging from them, so make sure your European skull hanger will stand the test of time.
  6. Easy to Use
    The best euro mount hangers should be simple and easy to use. What fun is it to need a page full of instructions and a bunch of tools just to get your trophy skull mount on the wall! You’re basically going to be attaching something to a wall, hanging your skull on it, and possibly using a set screw to secure the angle and/or the skull. And, you probably have lots of mounts to hang, right? Make sure the hanger you choose isn’t complicated.
  7. Fast Installation
    Hanging a euro mount shouldn’t take you all day…even an hour. With some basic tools and a solid design in a hanger, you should be able to hang your skull quickly.
  8. Versatile
    Some hangers are only made for certain skull types, but ideally your hanger can accommodate a variety of skull types! Given a certain size range and skull max weight, look for a hanger that can hang not only deer skulls but also boar, bear, lion, antelope, and other similar size skulls. Replica European skulls are very popular these days too! The skull wall hanger you choose shouldn’t be made for just a certain replica skull (counterfeit skull) or a certain real skull. Versatility is a great feature to have in a European skull hanger.
european mount hanger - positioner by Mountain Mikes
The medium or large Positioner bracket is a great choice for a european mount hanger for just about any size skull you might have!

Now you know what features to look for in a diy European mount hanger. I recommend you give a look to Mountain Mike’s Deer Positioner or Elk Positioner euro skull bracket. If you want the utmost range of adjustability, try the Ultra Positioner. These euro mount hangers have all of the above features and will make your mount look great for years!

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