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Skull Master European Mount Kit for Elk


Did you have to leave your elk skull behind on that remote trip of a lifetime? No room for another shoulder mount? Worried about the smell and mess associated with boiling skulls or using beetles? Mountain Mike’s do-it-yourself european mount kits are the answer! The Skull Master is our european mount kit for shed antlers or antlers that are detached from the skull plate. You can quickly create your own durable, long lasting european mount for less cost than the real thing with no beetles, no boiling, and no mess!

Available in white and a limited supply of hydro-dipped (fall foliage or snow camo).


European Mount Kit for Shed Elk Antlers or Elk Antlers Detached from Antler Plate

Want to create a great looking, durable, european mount for less cost and hassle? Mountain Mike’s Skull Master european mount kit is the answer! This is the product that started it all here at Mountain Mike’s! 3D-modeled from a real elk skull, this injection molded elk skull is true-to-life and much more durable than fragile, real elk skulls. And, in just a few minutes compared to the hours of boiling and cleaning real skulls, you can have a great looking mount!

The Skull Master kit for elk requires antlers that are detached from the antler plate. This makes them a great option for mounting shed antlers! Or, you can simply cut each of your antlers off below the burr (tip: measure the spread first). Then, you’ll drill a hole up into the base of each antler, and attach them to the top section of the skull kit using the screws provided. Attach the top section of the skull to the bottom, hang it on the wall, and enjoy!

For helpful instructional videos, check out our how-to page.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 8.25 × 8.5 in

Fall Foliage Camo, Snow Camo, White

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