finished moose taxidermy mount cost $1200 - $1500 average

Many people wonder how much it costs to taxidermy a moose head. First things first. Actually, taxidermy is not a verb, so the correct verb to use would be “mount”. Taxi means “to move”, and “derm” means skin. Taxidermy means the movement or manipulation of skin over a foam mannikin that’s been cast from a sculpture of the animal’s internal anatomy. Mounting an animal has evolved from very primitive, temporary methods to highly sophisticated, long-lasting methods. In this article, we’ll use a moose as an example and walk you through a photo gallery of the process of mounting a moose. Continue reading How Much Does it Cost to Taxidermy a Moose Head?

steps to mount antlers with replica skulls
european mount kits for deer skulls - dipped camo dipped flag
Replica skulls come in several colors, sizes and species (deer and elk). They are easy to use, durable, and cost effective!

Replica skulls have become a very popular choice of successful hunters for making European mounts with the bucks they harvest. They also provide a great option for those wanting to mount shed antlers on a deer skull. Easy, do it yourself replica (faux) skull kits are available to make the mounting process easy, even for beginners. This article will discuss the benefits of using replica skulls for euro mounts and the products available to those wanting to mount antlers on replica skulls. Continue reading Replica Skulls

antler home decor products by mountain mikes

Looking to Decorate Your Home with Antlers?

Mountain Mike’s Reproductions offers a complete line of antler home decor products for those wishing to furnish and decorate their home while expressing their love of the outdoors. Made from a durable, cast resin, these replica antler home furnishings and decorations are meticulously colored for realism. Continue reading Antler Home Decor

european skull mount kit for deer - universal skull master kit by mountain mikes

Taxidermy kits are a great way to get your feet wet learning taxidermy! Kits for taxidermy mean someone has already thought through all the major steps and taxidermy supplies necessary to complete a project. If you’re like me, I often agonize over exactly what supplies to buy when I’m starting a new hobby. In taxidermy, a great way to start is with something simple, like a skull mount or an antler mount kit. This article is going to discuss a few great do-it-yourself taxidermy kits that will get you a great looking mount on your wall in very little time. Continue reading Taxidermy Kits

mule deer skull mounts display in habitat scene

If you’re looking for some great european deer mount ideas, you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to describe several creative ideas for displaying european deer skull mounts. We’ll also include several photos of deer skull mounts for inspiration.

So let’s get the basics out of the way first. Typically a european deer mount is Continue reading European Deer Mount Ideas

deer shed mounting ideas

What Can I do with all these Shed Deer Antlers?

Spring is the time of year for shed antler hunting! Are you looking for some deer shed mounting ideas so you can show off all that bone you found? This article will describe a few great options for displaying shed deer antlers. Continue reading Deer Shed Mounting Ideas

how to clean deer antlers - antlers on skull plate - clean skull cap of deer

Typically, when someone wants to know how to clean deer antlers, they are actually wanting to learn how to clean and preserve the skull cap that the antlers are attached to. Or, you might actually have an old, dirty set of deer antlers that need cleaning. In this article, we’ll describe how to clean deer antlers in both of these scenarios. Continue reading How to Clean Deer Antlers

antler paper towel holder by Mountain MIke's

An antler paper towel holder brings a traditional, outdoor feel to any kitchen, bath, or workshop, and will express your passion for hunting to visitors you welcome into your home. Antler home decor like this is a popular way of representing your outdoor passion. Mountain Mike’s Reproductions makes it easy to decorate your house or cabin with its full line of durable, realistic, replica antler decorations for the home. Continue reading Antler Paper Towel Holder